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Do you want your vehicle to look as good or better than it did the day you bought it?

So you carefully wash it on a regular basis and you apply a new coat of wax every few months. But despite your efforts, swirl marks, chips, and stains start to populate on your vehicle’s exterior. Not only that, water spots, dirt, and grime start clinging to your car the day after you give it a thorough wash.

What if there was a product that could change this narrative; a product that would provide protection from environmental hazards and make your car easier to wash, while not requiring repeated application. 

Good news! 

There is. It’s called a Ceramic Coating, and it could add substantial value to your vehicle.  Ceramic Coatings are todays most relevant form of paint protection on the market. Traditional waxes generally do not hold their value, resulting in an unprotected vehicle. 

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Since 2006, Marcus James been committed to being the best at what he does, serving clients in the Tulsa area by not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them. Marcus James started detailing at Jackie Cooper Imports and after 10+ years of blood, sweat, and tears, he decided to branch out on his own.


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" I highly recommend Marcus James Auto Detail. All of the staff members are extremely professional, have excellent communication skills, and provide great service. I wouldn’t choose any other Auto Wash "

    What Exactly Does Auto Detailing Mean?

    The confusion of “washing” vs. the professional “detailing” of a car is not uncommon. After all, aren’t we really just cleaning the car? The answer, as it turns out, is also not quite as simple and requires a detailed explanation (pun intended).

    When referring to a “car wash,” the general definition is a tunnel setup whereby the vehicle can either drive through or be automatically pulled along a track where brushes, soap and water are applied. The drying process usually consists of employees using a towel or a giant blow dryer. The end result is a car that on first glance can appear mostly clean for a relatively cheap price.

    So What’s Wrong with an Automatic Car Wash?

    An automatic car wash can leave scratches and swirls in your paint. I have had countless vehicles roll through my location with damaged paint as a result of the brushes at these automatic car washes. First off, many times the brushes used to scrub your vehicle are not cleaned. If the car that went in before you just got back from a sandy beach vacation, or just has general dirt and grim built up, there will be some sand or dirt left in the brushes that can scratch your paint. In addition, many times the workers at the end use the same towel as the car before to dry your car by hand which means cross-contamination and can leave a residue. Automatic car washes focus on efficiency over quality; meaning, how fast can they get your car out so that the next one can get through.

    How Does Detailing a Vehicle Differ?

    For starters, auto detailers use the method of hand washing instead of an automated system, trained to the highest caliber on how to take care of a vehicle. Proper procedures along with the right formulas mean your vehicle receives only the best treatment. The goal is to have your car, truck, van or SUV looking as great as it did when you first bought it. Every area of the car is meticulously cleaned, by hand, to insure quality.

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    Beyond simply washing, auto detailing can include elements of cleaning and restoring the exterior and interior of a vehicle such as:


    ▪ Washing
    ▪ Waxing
    ▪ Bug and tar removal
    ▪ Clay bar surface 
    ▪ Using degreasers
    ▪ Dressing outside plastics and rubber
    ▪ Waxing or wax sealant
    ▪ Buffing
    ▪ Cleaning and dressing tires
    ▪ Cleaning the engine
    ▪ Headlight restoration
    ▪ Fixing scratches or marring in the paint or wheels
    ▪ Applying paint protective coatings 



    ▪ Vacuuming interior and trunk
    ▪ Steam cleaning & extraction
    ▪ Cleaning windows and mirrors
    ▪ Cleaning door jambs
    ▪ Cleaning the dashboard, console, vents and components
    ▪ Cleaning and dressing interior leather, vinyl and rubber
    ▪ Spot cleaning the interior roof
    ▪ Shampooing the seats, mats, carpets and door panels

    What If You Have Already Been through an Automatic Car Wash?

    Many times I am able to fix those scratches before they get worse through a process called Paint Correction. I have a variety of detailing packages to suit your individual needs. Does your vehicle have an odor such as cigarette smoke or mold? Try a Interior Detail to restore your vehicle back to it’s former glory. Worried about sun damage from the incredibly hot summer days? Don’t let the sand or salt from the roads this winter ruin your investment, bring your vehicle in for a hand wash and Ceramic Coating. This will help prevent the weather from damaging your paint along with adding a glossy shine. Looking for a simple cleaning? Try a Express Detail package where I detail your vehicle inside and it’s done within an hour. To book your Paint Correction, Hand Wash, Ceramic Coating, Interior/Exterior or any other of our detailing services, head over to our scheduling  page to make an appointment! You can also call or text 918-999-3629 for inquiries. Please schedule at least 24 hours in advance to insure time and date.

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